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A Fun Filled Weekend

15th March 2017

So this weekend just gone was such a good couple of days that I thought I should totally write about it. The ups started when Josh's project car passed it's MOT on Friday afternoon, which is so exciting because he's been fixing it up for about a year now. As soon as he told me it passed I taxed it for him straight away so he could drive it home from work =D

Weirdly I don't have any pictures of his car now it's on the road, but how cute does he look working on it and driving it around with no front XD

It was really cute, when I got home from work he was parked out front of mine and most of my family were there saying well done and stuff. We had to go drop off some wheels for Sammy, then headed back to Josh's so he could get changed and immediately went out again. We had planned to go to Kaspas Dessert bar and then we were heading to the cinema to see Logan. Our trip didn't go quite as planned though, Tori and Mason met us at Kaspas and we went in but the service took over an hour. Me and Josh got our food but Tori and Mas were still waiting for theirs like 20 minutes late and ended up having to get it to go cause we were going to miss the start of the film. Pretty sucky tbh, they were pretty busy, but that doesn't explain why two of us got food and two didn't. Food was good though, my first sugary food item in several weeks, I'll do an update on the anti sugar bootcamp soon.

I had the Red Velvet Waffle and a Honeydew Melon milkshake:

Josh had the Brownie Waffle and a Hot Chocolate. He always pull such weird faces in photos!

I was bummed out for Tori and Mason though, they had to get their food to take away. I'm thinking of sending an email to their management to let them know they need more staff in the Ipswich store.

That face says it all XD


After they finally got their food to go, we went to Cineworld to see Logan. That film was SICK. AS. FUCK. Although Logan weirdly reminded me of someone I work with, which was annoying cause I couldn't unsee it once I'd realised. 

The film was so good though, definitely worth seeing again. We dropped Tori and Mason off and went back to Felixstowe, where we found a drunken Sam and Beuchet jamming on the beach.

Terrible photo lol it was dark XD

Saturday I went to Ipswich with Mama again, we did the standard Costa-Shopping-Mizu combo. Saw this guy in town though, he was really damn good!

Normally those guys freak me out a bit, but he was hilarious. He got all my change XD

We went to TKMax and I found some sick shoes:

I almost bought them, but I don't really wear heels all that often. 

We met Pops in town and went to Mizu again, I didn't take any photos though because we were wrapped up in important grown up conversations about work projects. He's got some pretty sick projects coming up that he was telling me about.

We left town and headed to The Range cause Mama wanted some plastic cereal boxes and I wanted a white plant pot. We're exciting like that. I love The Range, there's so much there to look at, it's easy to get inspired. It's also easy to get and Mama needed a sit down!

We finished up there and headed home, I then went to my Nan's where the boys were working on their cars. Chilled there and did Nan's manicure (a weekly thing, the has to feel fabulous!). None of us could decide what to do for dinner for we made a last minute decision to go to Chiquito at Ravenswood and I'm so glad we did.

I rang ahead to reserve a table and spoke to someone called Kenny who was super helpful and accommodating because we like to have a table that's not in the middle of the room cause awks. 

Got there about half 8 I think and went in, the staff knew that it was me that had called and sat us at a table near the back of the restaurant. My only complaint is that the table could have been a little bigger, it was quite a squeeze. Apart from this is was absolutely awesome. The service was great, the food was fucking fantastic. We all ordered from the set menu which was either £10.95 or £14.95 depending on what you ordered for two courses. We all had starter and main - the lack of dessert was a sad moment for me, but I'm still anti sugar where possible, hence why I had water with my dinner...

Check out the empty popcorn pot, that was gone literally within seconds lol our boys are like a hungry pride.

Once we ordered, All the food came out quickly and at the same time, which was great considering the fiasco of Kaspas the night before.

I had Nachos and Classic Chicken Fajita:

Top tip - If you visit Chiquito ask for a side of their Habanero Jelly - it's bomb!

I was seriously full after this lot! We were definitely feeling ourselves with Sombrero's and Beer though:

It worked out at only £15-£18 each, I think the bill was around £88 for 5 of us, which I think is pretty damn good for the quality of the food and service. Yes I did tip, which I don't always.

I adore Mexican food and Chiquito was awesome, we will definitely be back. Possibly this weekend! 

We just chilled when we got back, Tori and Mas stayed in Ipswich so me Josh and Sammy hung out for a while. Took Sam home and we went back to Josh's, standard Saturday night. 


Sunday morning however I woke up feeling like absolute shit. Sore throat to the point I couldn't swallow and had a headache. We couldn't make breakfast cause Josh's dad was painting the kitchen so I decided to skip the diet for the day and we went to McDonalds. I had a grilled chicken wrap and a coke, which made me feel instantly so much better. I dunno what it is about sugary, carbonated drinks that sort you out when you feel like a bag. 

We went to Nan's so Josh could get his engine out of Sams old car, but I ended up sitting in the car for like 2 hours cause it was cold af but I didn't wanna go and infect Nan. It was cool though, I felt better for sitting in the warm and chilling. I wrote a TripAdvisor review about Chiquito and a few other places. 

Check out the cuteness:

Although the engine wouldn't fit in any of their cars so they had to go get my car. It was weird seeing them lot drive off in my car to take the engine to Josh's...

Damn my car is dirty. I vacuumed it out after they got back, but I still need to clean the outside because its DIRTAY AF.

Had to help Nan with something in the house and found these great old photos:

Check my Uncle, Mum and Dad out XD Mama's always been a bombshell, bless her. Fucking love those sunglasses. Uncle Jay's shorts are ridiculous and my dad is thin and has hair lol

Uncle Jay went fishing as a bubbie:

It's weird, Ollie, my youngest bro, looks so much like Uncle Jay it's genuinely freaky.

We didn't really do much else after that, me and Josh chilled with Sam for a while, went for a drive to test out his new tyres...they're sticky as fuck. Like honestly, that car handles so well, it's nice to not feel like you're flying around the car every time he takes a corner. So that was fun, then we got Pizza (I did say I fucked the diet off for the day!), sat in his car and watched Son's of Anarchy on my iPad. We have this cute little set up in the car, sounds positively cinematic on his sound system. 

Went for another drive, found Sammy, headed back to mine and went to bed really. A nice chilled end to a really fun weekend =]

Just throwing it out there, I wrote this post twice as I got to the end and my computer fucked up and I had to rewrite the whole damn thing. I will now install an autosave plugin.


Big Love <3 


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