Hey =]

I'm not really one for formal introductions, but the names K - welcome!

By day, I am a Digital Designer and Marketing Manager. This means I spend my days designing cosmetics and packaging for various companies and taking care of numerous brands's Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Company Blogs, YouTube Channels and loads more. I also spend a substantial amount of time building and maintaining websites for various companies. Oh man, this is starting to sound like a job application!

Outside of my every day work I am a passionate Photographer and even more passionate editor. I run my own Photography Studio based in Suffolk, you can check it out here if you want =D

I've been interested in make up from a very young age and spent my late teens/early 20's working as a SFX make up artist for independent film makers, in collaboration with various Universities and Colleges. I've used many products in my time and have a good understand of quality control, which is handy when it comes to reviewing products.

But we're getting off track here, basically I hope you find something here that's helpful, I generally like my posts to be very visual and give my readers a great feel for a product. Contact me if you've got any questions/concerns/feedback/enquiries at captainksays@gmail.com 

Peace <3