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Acupuncture, Shopping and Quality Time with the Parents

1st March 2017

So my Mama has been having pins and needles in her right hand for a while now. About 15 years ago she was having the same problem with her left hand, went to see a Chinese doctor in Norwich for acupuncture and the problem never came back. Like I said, she's now having the same problem in her right hand. She made an appointment to see a Chinese doctor in Ipswich, which is strangely located next door to where I used to work.
She's now had 3 out of the 4 sessions and it seems to be making a positive difference, although not as amazing as the treatment she had in her other hand years ago, she is no longer waking up with a fully numb arm.

I was stupidly excited by the doctor writing in Chinese XD

You squeamish? Acupuncture people =p

The needles are so tiny! According to mama you literally don't feel them, like at all.


So us being us, turned the rest of the day into an excuse to go shopping. Dad went off to the various music shops around town to peruse drum kits and studio equipment (he's in the process of building a recording studio in an outbuilding at the bottom of our garden!) and me and Mama obviously started out by going to Costa - our favourite, favourite coffee shop. We just wandered down town really, wen't into one of the Jewellery shops - Mama likes looking at the Diamonds - and I fell in love with a glass Flamingo cause he was so cute XD

How could you not love him! 

We had a little mosey around Debenhams, I tested out the new Escada perfume, which I obviously will be purchasing. Escada fragrance collector yo.

Found some cute pink bath stuff that made me think of my sister Tori.

I had bought a Make Up Forever eyeshadow on Debenhams online that I needed to pick up:

Not sure why it says Blush on the package, it's' definitely an Eyeshadow XD It's number M - 846 'Morello Cherry' and it's glorious. It's a lot more red in real life, with warm pink undertones, which I tend to neutralise with a rusty brown. Here's a really quick look I did with this shade and some Make Up Geek shades:

Apologies for the terrible lighting, I was taking selfies in the Chinese Doctor's office while Mama was having her acupuncture, the lights are not great XD

We met up with my Dad again, he wanted to go to Wagamama for lunch but I convinced him that Mizu was better. Mizu is one of Ipswich's hidden gems. The food is inexpensive, tastes amazing and the service is quick. The seating sucks, there's like 4 long tables and benches so you end up sitting next to a total randomer because they're always busy, but it genuinely is worth it for the food.

I had my usual, Roast Pork Noodles in a sweet soya sauce:

It's always amazing. Mama had a vegetable rice with Tofu thing lol I cant remember what is was called:

She sais it was really good, apart from the large, flat mushrooms. I've had these before and they are an acquired taste, they're particularly watery. I'm not sure what kind of mushroom they are but that was the only let down.

Pops had never been to Mizu before, he had Katsu Kare and a Coconut Crepe - safe to say he really enjoyed it!

Me and Mama couldn't eat dessert. Apart from being very full on Costa and Mizu, I'm still trying to be good with what I'm eating.

We did have a little tester cup of Ovaltine and Malteaser hot chocolate from Shakeaway though, the staff were handing them out in the street and I though it would be rude not to!

Excuse my short af nails, I cut them all short as they weren't coping very well with my change in diet. They're growing back now though =]

We went to Poundland (Brits love a cheeky £1 shopping spree!) and I got very excited to find that they already have camping gear out - which started to get me REALLY excited about Homegrown Festival this year. We go every year, check out my video from last year on YouTube.

These tin mugs made me so happy XD

I got my parents to drop me off at Josh's workshop after, where he was working on his project car. 

It was such a fun day! I'm really considering getting acupuncture to try and help me de-stress a little, have you guys ever tried it or is it something you'd be interested in?


Big Love <3 

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