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Another Weekend Away & Brighton

10th May 2017

More caravans? We're starting to sound like 1960's Brits. But in all seriousness, if you book them through the Sun Holidays promotion, they really are the most affordable option for staying away on the weekends. If we stayed in a hotel it would of cost us a minimum of £80 per night per couple - that's the best part of £500 just to sleep! We booked a caravan for the weekend for 4 of us for under £100. £25 each for the whole weekend accommodation? Hell yeah.

The freedom of caravans is nice too, people generally leave you alone to just do your thing. We've never been bothered by the staff and the only noise we've experienced is kids playing outside in the morning.

I was particularly excited for this weekend though. For starters it was a long weekend, Friday to Monday. It was a fairly long drive away (we know how I feel about road trips!) and we'd organised to go to Brighton for one of the days. I've always wanted to go to Brighton and had never been before.

We left after work and had to make a pit stop at Josh's work cause someone didn't go before they left home!

So as the drive was just shy of 3 hours, we didn't arrive until late. I always love going over the Dartford Bridge though. The sky was so moody!

By the time we got there we were all pretty knackered to be honest. We made some pizza and watched the end of a film called It's Complicated. Standard really.

After a decent nights sleep, we woke up and I was pumped to go to Brighton, until I checked the traffic reports and we decided it was pretty much suicide to go on a Saturday. We decided to postpone until Monday when it would be less busy and go on our way home.

So we pretty much spent Saturday chilling on the grass outside the caravan, drinking some random cocktails while the boys played with an old football they found XD

(Iced tea, lychee liquor & lemonade. I started adding vodka later on...)

They kicked the ball into the thorn bushes. Obviously. Tried to get it out with a fishing net they found under the caravan.

They broke then net and proceeded to fix it with gaffa tape. It kept getting stuck in the bushes, it was genuinely hilarious.

So yeah we just literally chilled. Josh bought this weird bubble stuff in the shop and made a bubble penguin. Then Tori did weird stuff to Masons hair and Josh tried to sit on the football. Don't ask.

Me and Josh drove to pick up some Thai food from a Thai takeaway about 10 minutes away. It was pretty damn good =]

After that, It's safe to say we continued drinking XD

And drinking...

I imprinted Tori's head with a Custard Cream...

And went for an adventure to the play park. The boys can't hold their shit =p

Took glorious selfies...

Aaaand went to bed. 

Woke up on Sunday and blearily made breakfast. I think Mason was suffering the worst, I felt fine! 

Our caravan was right next to a Golf Course and a nature reserve so we went for a little wonder, that turned into a badass walk.

The boys found mud. Duh.

Compression didn't do anything good to this photo, but the scenery was lush, I promise XD

Panorama times =]

Mas and his parkour skills.

We found this gorgeous lake, I couldn't believe how clear the water was. Apparently it has around half the salt content of sea water, fun fact.

I like how the boys paddled IN THEIR SHOES. Fucking weirdos XD

See how clear it was??

We found a little bay that was really secluded and skimmed stones.

After our little wander turning into at least 10,000 steps (according to my Fitbit), I don't know how many miles it was but it was long. I'd already decided earlier on in the day that I wanted to drive to a nearby place called Bognor Regis (yeah I think the name sounds cringe too) but my Mum used to do Summer season at this Theatre, so I went to take some pictures for her =]

Seemed like they were fixing it up a bit.

The seafront was really pretty =]

And the weather for the drive back to the caravan was lush.

I'd brought some 7th Heaven face masks from work so I could get the boys to do some social media posts for me (they get bullied into this stuff). Considering Josh was so eugh about doing it, he seemed to get quite into it XD

His skin genuinely looked so much cleaner and brighter afterwards. Mason didn't enjoy his experience as much, found out he's got extremely sensitive skin and it hurt his face XD his skin looked good though, even if it was a bit red lmao

We watched Wolverine, I'd never seen it before. It was awesome.

So the next morning we made breakfast, packed up our shit and hit the road. Can you tell that I was excited?

Josh's concentration face XD

We got to Brighton, took us about an hour from where we were, and parked in Regency Car Park. We wandered down the Prom, it's weird how it's similar to Felixstowe, but SO much bigger XD

Being from Felixstowe, a coastal town with a pier that you can't walk on because it's not safe anymore, it was pretty cool to be able to walk on the pier at Brighton. Even if I did keep sketching out at the floor cause you could see the water between the boards XD

Josh got donuts =p

The boys didn't realise what the sign actually said XD

Omg we went on this ancient ghost ride and it was awesome XD me and Tori actually got a bit shit up, it was SO FUCKING DARK in there it legit hurt my eyeballs.

The boys enjoyed themselves XD 

Me and Tori were impressed by this XD

We found this incredible weapons shop called 'The Lanes Armoury' where all of us wanted to spend our money on guns, SS memorabilia and various swords.

Obligatory stop at Choccywoccydoodah. I bought some little tiny bars of chocolate from there, 30g for £1.99. I have to say people, I wasn't that impressed. It tasted like advent calendar chocolate and the shop was cool, but a little underwhelming. I don't wanna say I was disappointed, but I thought it would be cooler.

This cake was like £900 O_O

We were slightly more impressed by this little shop that sold homemade fudge in the most random flavours =] 

This is where we went for and early dinner, cause we we're all fucking starving XD

Lovely pub, good food and good service =]

The wait for food was pretty long, but I don't mind if it means that it's been cooked fresh.

We went back to the pier afterwards cause the boys wanted to go on the bumper cars, but they were closed when we got there. Proper gutted =[

Always with the ugly faces.

View from the pier =]

Outside the bathroom had cool lighting from the stained glass window =3

So Brighton pier is actually lovely. I know people think attractions like this are tacky, and they are, but they're also kitsch and cute in their own way. I'm glad we went =]

We also went on the hunt for a the Curzon Hotel, a hotel that my Grandparents once stayed at. It's not a hotel anymore, it seems to be flats - but at least it's still there =]

And so, it was time to drive home. 

It was a lush weekend, we've got another one planned for June 30th so expect more chilling and movies XD

We're an interesting bunch after all.

Laters <3 


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