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Green Juice and Summer Vibes

21st January 2017

Okay so it might still be January, but I'm already in full Summer prep mode.

Between summery Yankee Candles, my favourite fruity Escada fragrances and juicing my body weight in green vegetables, I'm going for the classic "This will be the best Summer yet" frame of mind.

You're probably thinking you can think of nothing worse that a green juice, even though you like the idea of a mega dose of vitamins, minerals and precious chlorophyll? Okay so for the longest time I wished I liked certain vegetables and stuff and I spent many days going through maaaannnyyyyy different juice recipes before deciding to just experiment. I finally came up with this recipe that is definitely not as evil as the others, meaning I can drink a good 600ml dose and not had anything horrific happen yet, in fact I'd go as far as to say genuinely enjoy it, especially when poured over a few cubes of ice.

The recipe contains approximately:

3 sticks of celery
1/2 cucumber
3 big handfuls of spinach
2-3 sprigs of fresh mint
3 regular size pears
a splash of Apple Juice (this is optional, but sweetens it a little making it easier to drink)

Green Juice

Just in case you were wondering I chuck everything in including the skins/cores/leaves/stalks etc. Lazy juicing ftw. It's a fresh tasting juice that doesn't leave any nasty taste in your mouth, and this is coming from someone who cannot stand celery.

This really nice thing about this juice, is that it I personally find it fairly filling, it also gives me an immediate buzz as soon as I drink it. The only downside is that I find it makes me crave carbs about an hour after, which I'm assuming has something to do with the fact that you've removed the fibre from all the veg and fruit. I just have a piece of toast and it seems to sort it out.

Juicing is awesome, it clears my head, switches me on and helps me concentrate. Which means I can afford to spend a few minutes dreaming about chilling on this beach with a Rum & coke.


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