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Handmade Naturals | Skincare Review

22nd June 2017

Handmade Naturals | Skincare Review

So it's well known in my family that I'm the weird one who avoids things like artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, and any other additive you can think of. I have real issues with things like 'Diet Coke', as it's chock full of nasty artificial sweeteners such as aspartame that have some pretty scary health risks linked to them. So in a nutshell, I like to consume things as close to their natural state as possible.

I was recently reading the back of a very well known brand of skincare and I'm not going to lie, I was pretty horrified at the list of ingredients. The list of chemicals and things I couldn't pronounce was shocking and as long as my bloody arm. So I immediately got angry at the product and threw it out, headed to google and searched for some natural, organic skincare.

I came across Handmade Naturals, a website that sells handmade, organic products ranging from foot cream to toothpaste. 

I decided to just try a few of their tester/travel size products. These are awesome as if you buy more than two, you don't have to pay postage and most are less than £5. I have actually purchased from them three times now, over these orders I've picked up the:

Balancing Face Cream
Replenishing Face Cream (For my Mama)
Mahanarayan Cream
Virgin Shea Butter
Ultra Light Face Cream

Firstly, for tester/trial sizes, these are pretty darn big. One tester tube (15ml) lasts me around a month of daily usage (they do have use by dates so make note) and the Shea Butter is the size of a standard tub of lip balm. Also they come adorably wrapped up in tissue paper:

I can honestly say that I've enjoyed using every product that I've purchased. The Shea Butter and Mahanarayan Cream are probably the ones I've used least as the Shea is very rich (I have oily skin) and the Mahanarayan Cream is more a massage cream designed for muscles, which I will be trying on my overworked, achy, mechanic other half.

The creams are made from various seed and essential oils and they all smell different, but all lovely. I opted for creams without Lavender, because I really hate the smell of it, also my sister is allergic and she has a tendency to try out my products. 

The creams are in this lovely air tight pump packaging to keep them fresh as they do not contain any preservatives:

Oh yeah, they're Vegan too. 

My favourite is the Balancing Face Cream, which is actually the winner of the 2012 Natural Beauty Awards. This cream genuinely keeps my skin hydrated for 24 hours. Yes I've been 24 hours without washing my face, I have a crazy job - don't judge!

It is absorbed really quickly, but sort of sticks around on the surface of your skin a little, I love this because I feel moisturised and glowy all day. I rarely wear foundation, but it turns out this makes an amazing base for the occasions that I do. I generally put this cream on and simply add translucent powder to my nose (SHINE ZONE) and add highlighter to my cheekbones - that's it. 

I definitely recommend products from Handmade Naturals and will 100% be repurchasing the full size Balancing Face Cream (I've been through 2 testers already!) 

What do you think - would you try natural, organic, vegan skincare? 



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