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Impromptu Road Trips Are The Best

3rd May 2017

I absolutely fucking LOVE road trips. Although I love driving, road trips are better when I'm a passenger. I love just driving through random places, I get amused by funny road signs, intrigued by the names of the towns you drive through and love taking photos of random things I haven't seen before.

So when my Dad said he needed to go to Doncaster to pick up some equipment, I was well excited. Doncaster is very close to Sheffield, where I used to live. My Dad is pretty legendary when it comes to this stuff, the plan was to drive up to Sheffield and drop me and my mama off at Meadowhall (a big shopping centre I used to go to when I lived there) while he went and picked his stuff up.

The drive was awesome, we stopped at Tesco Copdock to get fuel - diesel for the car and Costa for me and mama. Obligatory. We also some some vegetable stick things with sour cream dip. They were awesome, but we'd already decided we were going to stop at the OK Diner for breakfast. The OK Diner is a 1950's inspired restaurant on the A1, just after Stamford, we used to stop there on the way to Sheffield. It's super cute:

I was impressed by the Burger list, Josh would have been so happy XD

I had brioche french toast with bacon and strawberries & syrup. It was pretty damn good, although the bacon was a little more cooked than I usually like, it sort of snapped into pieces.

But the best bit was the drink we had - we all had the same - I can't remember what they called it but it was a shot of espresso in Vanilla milkshake. It was seriously, seriously good.

OK Diner - worth a visit. Good food, good milkshake but according to my mum, terrible lattes XD 

So we got back on the road, I had to get my coffee milkshake thing to go because I'm such a slow drinker (it's a thing, I always get wound up by my lot for being a slow eater/drinker/smoker etc.).

The drive was just lush though, it was around 3 and a half hours but it went really quick.

This road was so straight I had to take a picture to show the boys, perfect racing road.

It's weird, when you haven't been somewhere in around 7 years how it sort of feels like you've never been away. 

Got really excited by the Disney store though =p

Shame it was so full of Star Wars and Marvel, which I have no problem with until they dominate the Disney store with their main stream crap merchandise.

I didn't really take many pictures of Meadowhall to be honest, me and Mama were just chilling. I did find a sick anniversary present for Josh though, although I'm not going to post it just in case lol. I'll give a little hint:

Me and Mama were sad to find out that Yo Sushi was closed down for refurbishment! We love Yo Sushi XD

Dad came back to meet us and we ended up getting some snacks from M&S to have in the car on the way back. I got some Spanish tortilla and a red lentil kofta =3

Again, was a chilled drive back. I spent most of the time planning my charity Christmas event (post soon!) 

We did stop at Peterborough services though cause dad was needing some caffeine. I couldn't believe how nice the services there are!

There was a Costa (needed) but there was also an awesome noodle bar that we were tempted by, but unfortunately not hungry enough for. But I got most excited when we sat down and I saw a place called 'El Mexicana'. I also saw that they had Frozen Margaritas O_O even though I already had a coffee, I had to have one.

Honestly, it was the BEST slushy drink I've EVER had. Would have been even better with alcohol. Seriously, It was only £1.30 or something, it was literally so damn good.

I told Josh we should come up sometime just for this:

It's a 14" burrito for like £9.95 or something, Might actually fill Josh up. Maybe. Possibly. He'll probably need two.

So the rest of the drive I got a ridiculous sugar buzz from the Margarita, caffeine high from the coffee and later on that evening felt a bit funny. The next day I was really sick, alllllll day.

Sorry body, was a good day though =]

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