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Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette | Review

7th April 2018

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette ReviewJeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Hello there beautiful people,

It’s been a while since I last posted, many life random related things have got in the way but I plan to make extra effort to start posting more regularly again.

So straight to it then!

I pre-ordered the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette as soon as it became available on Beauty Bay pre-order. I don’t own the Beauty Killer or Androgyny Palette, which is a sin given how many Velour Liquid Lipstick I own and how much I stand by the JStar brand. Basically I have no point of comparison for the quality of his eyeshadows.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

The Packaging:

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the faux leather case, the typeface & the way it feels like a hybrid between a book and a jewellery box. I believe it was inspired by an old fashioned doctors case, but it really is different to all the other palettes I’ve seen. It comes in a nice protective white card slip case featuring the Jeffree Star logo and necessary information on the reverse.


I know some people are concerned about the warning on the box that states:


I can only assume that these shades contain pigments or dyes that can cause an allergic reaction? If you know more about this please let me know in the comments! But for now, I will disregard this and get on with the review.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

It feels sturdy with a large mirror in the lid, but you wouldn’t want to drop it as its quite rigid. I think it could have been just a shade thinner as there is a lot of empty space under the pans… I’m thinking it could of been pretty cool brush storage if they’d made the pan insert lift out.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

The material around the pans is a non wipe-able fabric, this bothers me as it will inevitably get pretty dirty with use. It’s a shame they didn’t use the same faux leather on the inside so it was wipe clean and could stay looking newer for longer.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

The shade range:

This is an interesting one as this palette combines warm and cool tones. Some of the colours are very similar, but have different base shades, so will appear different on various skin tones.

Here are some shots of the colours up close, I have tried to make them look as accurate as possible:

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

And with a full swatch:

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

A run down of all the shades:


GLUCOSE – A pure matte white. Very pigmented, very blendable.
SUGARCANE – A neutral/cool toned matte beige, almost translucent on my skin. Very pigmented, very blendable.
CAKE MIX – A neutral/warm toned matte light brown. Very pigmented, very blendable.
OUCH – A cool toned matte mocha. Very pigmented, blends well but ever so slightly patchy.
DONOR – A true bronze foil/shimmer with a hint of copper. Very soft to touch, blends very well but becomes slightly more glittery as it’s blended.
INTRAVENOUS –  A warm, chocolatey matte brown. Very pigmented, blends well but has more fallout than the other matte shades.


CANDY FLOSS – Irridescent pale pink sheer, not as shimmery as you might expect at first. Very pigmented, very blendable.
TONGUE POP – A matte, peachy pink. A great blush colour. Very pigmented, very blendable.
SWEETENER – A peachy gold shimmer. Pigment is good but not over powering. Loses some of the shimmer as it is blended out and becomes fairly understated.
CAVITY – A VERY intense, neon matte magenta with a microscopic glitter fleck. The glitter almost disappears as the shade is blended. Extremely pigmented, blends well but takes a little longer to get seamless.
O POSITIVE – A cool toned matte greige. One of my favourite shades in the palette, Very pigmented, very blendable.
ROOT CANAL – Cavity’s older sister. The shades are very alike, but this shade struggles with the classic issue of purple eyeshadows in that it’s much harder to blend out and has a chalky edge to it.


PRICK – A bright (almost neon) orangey red. I’m not going to lie, I’m so disappointed with this shade. I really had to work hard to get a swatch of this shade, to the point where I had to scratch the shadow with my nail to get any payoff. The colour is gorgeous, but this is the worst shadow in the palette IMO. Not pigmented, it blends okay but loses any impact immediately. Get ready to layer the crap out of this one.
CHERRY SODA – A true matte blue-red. I’m impressed with the pigment of this shade, for a true red the payoff is impressive. It’s not the easiest shade in the world to blend but it’s worth the extra effort.
FRESH MEAT – A deep, purple toned red. Pigment is VERY impressive but there is a lot of fallout with this shade. Blends well.
BLOOD SUGAR – A rusty reddish brown with a slight shimmer that disappears a little with blending. Very pigmented, very blendable.
EXTRACTION – Very similar to Fresh Meat but more purple toned. Matte. Very pigmented, very blendable.
COMA – Again, very similar to Fresh Meat & Extraction, but deeper and more of a cool, mulberry tone. Feels chalkier than the others but still has great colour payoff. There is a fair amount of fallout with this shade. Blends well.

Taken inside (fluorescent lighting):

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Natural Light:
Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

I do hope you guys are able to understand what I mean in my shade descriptions!

I have yet to create any eye looks with this palette, but when I do I will post them on my Instagram with an update of how well they work together.


Overall I do like this palette a lot. I think it’s unusual, has some great shades and is generally just cool af. There are some shades I was disappointed with.
Prick is such a beautiful colour, but SO difficult to work with as I’m not a fan of having to scratch your eyeshadows up before you can get any colour payoff.
Root Canal is just that little bit too dry for me, I can’t see myself using it much.
Cavity is just too pink for me, but that’s just personal taste.

All in all, it’s a lovely palette and definitely great if you work with reds, purples and neutrals, but I’m not sure I would repurchase at this stage.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

Thank you for reading this (if you got this far!)

Do let me know what you think of this palette in the comments, I’d love to know whether you agree with my pros/cons of this palette! Also whether it is worth purchasing any of Jeffree Star’s other palettes.


Until next time, Big love <3

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