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Laker Studios – Photoshoot with Loulabelle

25th January 2017

So Sunday was hilarious. Me and Amy (aka Loulabelle) had decided earlier on in the week that it's about time we did another photo shoot but we also thought it would be a laugh if we brought our fellas along, as they've never seen what happens on a shoot.

So we got the the location, an area of woodland in my hometown, and found a little place to set up. Lint rollered the shit out of my black coat that Amy wore (white cats, story of my life) and took some lighting shots, which the boys thought it was hilarious to photobomb.

So once we'd grasped a semi sensible mood, me and Amy wandered off to get our eye in and take some test shots leaving the boys to their mechanic talk.

Okay so I told the boys we'd be 5 minutes, but as we were walking we ended up chasing the gorgeous sunset and lost track of where we had walked. About half an hour later I figured we should probably tell the boys, rang Josh and he just laughed at us. The boys had to come find us and bring all our stuff, I managed to stack and cover my white Adidas in mud (protected my camera though), but I think Jay enjoyed dressing up!

So yes, I got lost in a wood in my own hometown. I'm not living that one down for a while.

I took some photos of Jay after me and Amze had got our shots, but I'm yet to convince Josh he'd look lush on camera and he refused to pose XD

Them shoulders though.

One day I'll get him to actually pose.

So now begins the hunt for some new models and plenty of new locations for this year!

The shoot photos will soon be up on www.LakerStudios.co.uk if you wanna check them out =D


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