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28th April 2017

Today's fun activity consisted of going to London to see QI being filmed at London Studios. I've been to see Never Mind The Buzzcocks being filmed before, but this was in a different studio.

I went with my folks and big bro =]

I don't know why I can't pull a nice face in pictures.

We went to Itv Studios, I was stressed cause we didn't have time to get coffee lol luckily there was a little coffee van outside the studio and I must say, his coffee really was good. I ended up having two lattes - that means they're damn good.

So happy it wasn't raining, as we queued for an hour and a half - even with priority tickets.

Love these, the hands of the people that film here. These were my favourite

Stephen Fry & Paul O'Grady. So cute =]

They told us that we must not take any pictures and must not have your phone on etc. There was a terrifying blonde lady at the front of the studio as we were being seated, shouting at anyone who had their phone out!

They had a hilarious warm up, Sandi Toksvig (the host of QI these days) had everyone stand up and asked random questions. You had to put your hands on either your head or your butt for true/false and if you got it wrong you sit down. Basically it was the person left standing at the end was the smartest person in the room. Pretty funny, but I chickened out and sat down when there was about 30 people left standing up. I was paranoid they'd make us do something random so I bailed.

The filming was fantastic, made infinitely better by one of my favourite humans, Alan Davies <3 (who FYI, is gloriously foul mouthed in person - I'm pretty sure they would have had to cut a fair amount with the various C bombs he dropped).

I know we weren't allowed to take photos during filming etc. but I couldn't' resist sneaking a quick snap as we were leaving. I figured they're taking the set down now anyway so you don't see anything in this picture that you haven't already seen on the TV.

Naughty, but extremely cool XD

Took a cute photo of my parentals outside:

Mama looks a bit terrified as usual XD

Front-facing-camera-in-the-dark quality.

So yeah, we went to the tube station where I had the worst food from Wasabi I've ever had, usually their food is fantastic - this sucked. A lot. It was sweet chilli Tofu and it was a terrible balance, it was too spicy for the delicate flavour of Tofu (which is saying something as I like my food SPICY) and there was so much sauce. It just sucked tbh. Here's a sad little picture of it.

My parents enjoyed theirs though, and Adz was sort of in between.

We got weirded out on the way home because the tube was EMPTY.

Look at these dorks XD

Got back to Newbury Park and drove home. Simples really, pretty sure I fell asleep cause I don't remember shit after we got off the tube. 

Was a really funny night, 

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