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The Diet Doodle Diary & Anti-Sugar Bootcamp

31st January 2017

Hey all,

So last year I qualified as a health & nutritional therapist, which is pretty strange for someone who is a comfortable size 18, I know. The reason I studied nutrition was actually just out of interest, not because I wanted to do anything with it career wise. My brother is just 31 and suffers with bad rheumatoid arthritis and so I figured if I know more about nutrition, I could help him to feel better and maybe eventually reduce some of his medication.

Aside from learning a lot about things like nightshade vegetables and how they can be bad for people with auto immune diseases, I also learned a lot about Sugar. I won't go into mad details but in a nutshell, sugar is the sole reason I am that size 18. It's hidden in everything I love - Sweet chilli sauce, Hoi Sin, tropical fruit, Sweet potatoes, milk - you name it.

This is where many people would jump in with the whole 'Naturally occurring sugars' argument, however when it comes to sugar becoming fat? Sugar is sugar and is still a major cause of Fatty Liver Disease, something that my sister struggled with as a child (I most likely did too, but being that stubborn 'will not go to the doctors' teenager, I never had a full diagnosis but I did have a very high liver enzyme level).

As a kid I drank a lot of milk, I mean a LOT. I was pretty horrified to find out that there is generally more than 1 teaspoon of sugar in semi-skim milk (Tesco Semi skim milk - 5g sugar per 100ml). For someone who struggles a lot with sugar withdrawl, this scared me. I have yet to read all of the thousands of articles and papers about this matter, but I know that cutting down on my milk intake (at least 1 large latte per day containing around 20g of sugar) can't be a bad thing to try?

I've had this cute little book for a couple of years and completely forgot about it:

You can see this has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while with the sun hitting part of it cause the cover is totally faded in places.

All I've started doing is recording my daily eats in it. There is a place to record daily exercise but let's get real, it's not spring yet and I don't entertain cold/wind/rain.

It's a really cute book though, not something I would normally go for in my little organisation obsessed corporate Filofax life. It's filled with cutesy little feel-good quotes and anecdotes.

So I've been recording my diet for about a week now and I'm starting to see emerging patterns. It's alerting me to the fact that I eat very little but drink a lot of coffee, often sweetened with Vanilla syrup. So I'm sitting here a little confused about why I am quite the size I am considering my regular daily intake is along the lines of  green juice, bananas and beetroot sandwiches (not the best I know but definitely could be worse!) but I don't drink enough water and do drink the occasional cheeky McDonalds coke XD

So if you're like me and pretty much completely ignorant to what you actually consume in a day, just try this cute little book. Best of all it's RIDICULOUSLY cheap!

The Diet Doodle Diary - The Works £3 (currently on sale) Use code WINTERFD for free delivery.

The Diet Doodle Diary - Book Depository £7.07 Free Delivery


So I am embarking on an Anti-Sugar Bootcamp mission where essentially I'm going to cut out the things I know are high in sugar and embrace the headaches and full on bitch moods. I'll continue to record my intake in this book and who knows, maybe get some exercise in there too!

The book goes up to 30 weeks, hopefully I can force myself to keep writing in it for 30 weeks.

It's a useful little book, it's nice to have somewhere that's dedicated for the purpose of personal development. It's a place I can be honest with myself (don't worry, I've written down that cupcake in the first photo...) and no one else will see it. My only complaints are that it's a little on the pink and girly side for me but y'know, personal opinion, and if it were up to me, I'd make the boxes bigger to write in as I have HUGE handwriting XD

Here's the links again, let me know if you buy this book - I'd love to know what you think about it.

The Diet Doodle Diary - The Works £3 (currently on sale) Use code WINTERFD for free delivery.

The Diet Doodle Diary - Book Depository £7.07 Free Delivery


Also, I'm now on Bloglovin, in case you fancy checking me out there!


K <3

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