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Weekend at Wild Duck

26th April 2017

This weekend we visited Norfolk and stayed at a little Haven holiday park called Wild Duck. We had already decided that it wasn't going to be a crazy activity filled weekend, as we'd all has a couple of stressful weeks before hand, so we decided that we were just going to relax, watch films, eat food and have a few drinks.

It was only about an hour and a half drive so leaving Friday night after work wasn't a bad plan, that way we didn't all have to take extra time of work etc. I always enjoy the drive to places like that (even if all 4 of us were squished in Josh's Alto!) Annoyingly there was multiple closed roads so we ended up having to take random detour, but we eventually got there about 9:45pm.

I swear all caravan parks are unnavigable. It always takes ages to find the right bloody part of the park and then you have to find your caravan. Once we found where we were going, we were really pleasantly surprised with the size of the caravan, there was 3 bedrooms and the sofa bed - we should of brought more people!


Josh immediately turned the living room into some crazy bed fort so we could all chill together and watch movies.


They gave us a cute map of the park =]

I don't know what it is about caravans, I just love them. Everything is just a little bit smaller than usual XD I enjoyed Wild Duck's sense of humour:

We were right near this cute fountain =]

The park was seriously cute, there was so many trees and unspoilt wildlife. There was even Bat boxes in the trees!

We had a super chilled weekend, just wandered around, had a few drinks and some beer pong!

Okay, maybe we had more than just a few drinks...

Yes, Tori got stuck in the couch-bed gap.

The boys found an old sock in the caravan and didn't want to touch it, not sure what made them decide to turn it into a flag though XD

So yeah, not an action packed weekend but a nice chilled weekend full of films, food and draaank.

Leaving sucks, weekends never feel long enough.

Obligatory mirror selfie.

We did visit a place called Burgh Castle on Sunday after leaving though. Josh and I have been there once before but Tori and Mason had never seen it. It's basically what's left of a Roman fort, part of a number of coastal forts known as 'Saxon Shore'. Check it out here =]

The guys think they're hilarious.

I would definitely rate Wild Duck as a love place to stay, there's plenty of greenery and it feels very quiet and relaxed.

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